Baltimore Chamber Encounters




The Baltimore Chamber Encounters is an innovative chamber concerts initiative which brings classical music vividly alive, redefining the concert experience using various mediums to explain the context of musical compositions through demonstrations and use of other art forms to magnify the deeper meanings both expressed and implied in the music.  Using a variety of performers, our concerts are geared to the interests of diverse audiences.




It is the goal of the BCE to both engage and interact with its audiences by removing traditional barriers and using other art forms to clarify their listeners’ abilities to understand and to personally identify with the creative process of musical composition and its performance styles and techniques.  Concerts will be themed in order to allow audiences to relate more closely to the events which influenced the composers.

We wish to make every concert performance a unique and memorable event which nurtures, entertains and educates the public. In order to do so, we will utilize both traditional and newer repertoire, appeal to all ages including children, and provide a cultural milieu which grows in the hearts and minds of our peers.

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